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Service Call

Delighted to assist you! Our Service Call Fee is $200, comprising a $75 Trip Charge and one Hour @ $125. During the visit, we carefully assess issues, aiming to promptly resolve them. If parts are needed, we'll provide a detailed bid for your approval. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, ensuring your systems run smoothly and effortlessly. Thank you for entrusting us with your needs.

Quarterly Maintenance

Ensure peak performance for your gates and properties with our quarterly maintenance. Devoting one hour to inspect wheels, rollers, hinges, operators, telephone entry systems, loops, fire emergency access devices, wiring, and more. Our proactive approach identifies potential issues, preventing breakdowns. Reach out to inquire about a maintenance agreement for your gated community and enjoy complimentary service to your pedestrian gates. Trust us to keep your systems running seamlessly.

Emergency Rates

We're here 24/7 for emergencies! Our after-hours service is $400 covering a dedicated one-hour service. Whether residents are stuck inside or outside, a call to us ensures swift, reliable assistance without costing an arm and a leg. Your piece of mind is our top priority.

Telephone Entry & Access Control Management

Simplify your Doorking system with our Telephone Entry Management service. Managing residents, creating codes, building databases – we handle it all. For $125, we dedicate an hour to craft a custom database, requiring only a list of resident information. Need modifications? For $80, we ensure seamless changes to your property's telephone entry or access control. Let us streamline your management tasks effortlessly.

Need Us to Take A Look?

Elevate your property with our range of services. Whether it's emergency calls, quarterly maintenance, or telephone entry management, we're here for you. Our commitment extends to providing expert solutions at affordable prices. Let us take care of your needs, ensuring seamless operation without compromising your budget. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we're happy to help in every way possible.

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